It’s great news!

Today, Curt and I️ went to see Dr. Waller to hear the results from all the tests I️ had last week. It’s been 100 days since my Stem-Cell Transplant. If I️ haven’t told you about Dr. Waller, he is very serious. Basically I️ thought he didn’t have a sense of humor at all! Today he walked in and I️ believe I️ got a smile as he said Congratulations, You are in Remission! He explained that there were no signs of cancer, all my tests were clear. Praise be to God!

Curt, my family and I️ are just ecstatic and still trying to process the blessing that we have experienced. So many of you have been behind the scenes through this whole ordeal, lifting us up in anyway you could and I️ feel you deserve applause. There is just no way we could have made it through this last year without all the prayers, food, cards, texts, etc. There were so many times when something would touch my heart, I️ didn’t feel worthy. So, this victory is not just mine, but all of ours.

Right afterwards I️ got my drivers license renewed. Woohoo! I️ can drive! Then I️ pulled my car out of the garage to get a tire and battery warning. Poor baby has been sitting too long. So my first stop? The service center!

It’s been a great day…..


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It’s perspective

Hello all! I know everyone is wondering about the white blood count. I hate to say this but it went down a tiny bit. However, I am not down about it anymore. I feel so good, so much better everyday. The doctor actually told me it may take months and he isn’t concerned. At least it isn’t as low as when I was in the hospital. I still have to be super careful but I’m starting to plan on outings. I may have to wear gloves or a mask sometimes but to get out! It’s bringing my sanity back.

So, enough about THAT topic. I have started seeing little hairs on my arms but not one on my head. Still as smooth as a babies bottom. I have to get my drivers license renewed (I had to let it expire in May due to chemo). No way was the dr. Going to let me go to the DMV. The down part is getting my picture made, do I have to go bald or can I wear my wig? Haven’t worn it lately cause it’s been too hot but as I venture out, I think I’ll be pulling it out. Don’t want to scare small children!

My weight loss has leveled off and I ’m having trouble keeping my pants up. I have sewn darts in my jeans just to get by. Yes, I hear everyone saying, oh what a problem to have. But when your walking outside and one hand is holding pants up, it’s serious! Lol

Next month I will have hit 100 days since the transplant. At that time, I will go back to big Emory for more tests. Afterwards, I hope to be diagnosed as in remission. After that milestone, this ordeal will be somewhat over. This blog will come to an end and we will try to figure out what normal is again. Until then, thanks for keeping up with me.


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A little disappointment

Well, we went to the Dr. today with high hopes only to find out that my white blood cell count had dropped just a hair from last week. I’m quite disappointed especially after having two shots last week that left me quite ill. My body is just been through heck and it’s taking longer for everything to start working the way it supposed to.

So again I am confined to the house, I’m not allowed to be around any plants, I can’t be around my precious dog, I have to be careful about what I eat, and I esp cannot be around anyone that is sick. All I can think of is if I ever get to drive again I may never come back. Just kidding.

So we continue to pray that my body starts working the way it supposed to. There’s absolutely nothing I can do to make this work which for me is frustrating. There’s nothing I can do physically and there’s nothing I can eat that will make the white blood cell count go up.

At least I’m not having to take any more shots, which is a good thing for me.

Otherwise I’m feeling good and able to do chores around the house. The one challenge for me right now is going up and down stairs, for some reason my leg strength is not what it used to be. But I’m working on it.

I appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers so much!

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Hurricane Update from the Cain Household

We weathered the storm in Atlanta so much better than others, so we are very grateful.  Our biggest problem was dealing with the 15 hour power outage, but it was a good justification to restart our fireplace early this season.

Sandi’s recovery continues to march forward.  Some days are better than others but the trend is very encouraging.  She is much more active around the house, eating well, starting to walk more and gaining strength for every day activity.  They have transferred her care back to Dr. Goldsweig, who is very patient oriented, so we are pleased – plus he is located at Emory Johns Creek just a few miles from our home.  We were thrown a curve ball on Monday when the test results came back showing a concerning trend in her white blood count (WBC) – they have returned back to lower levels than before she was discharged from the hospital – while not abnormal, it is still quite concerning.  This means that she is highly susceptible to infections and needs to return to a semi-quarantine state.  After conferencing, the doctors determined the best course of action was to initiate a growth factor protocol to enhance WBC.  We will be visiting the hospital twice a week for a simple injection.  They had discussed readmitting her back into the hospital, but fortunately decided against that course of action.  So two steps forward and one step back, but certainly heading in the right direction.  Thanks again for all your prayers and support.

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Latest news

This is Sandi. I’m still around but it has been the worst experience. I’m still so weak it’s hard to explain. My body is having to regenerate so much that I need the rest. I am unable to do the simplest thing which is frustrating, so my attitude could be better. Pray that God will continue to be near during this time. Thanks for all your understanding.

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We realize that it has been some time since the last blog posting.  Sandi is recovering at home, albeit much more slowly than we had hoped.  She is continuing to struggle with a number of issues including nausea, extreme fatigue, dizziness, low blood pressure, dehydration, appetite and thrush – all of these are common side effects from her treatment.   We have seen a great improvement in her white blood count and her recent eating habits.  As you might expect, there are good days and there are bad days.  We have been so blessed to have my cousin, Devette, in our home to assist with the 24×7 care and help us laugh through the twists and turns of this roller roaster ride.  Probably best that Sandi continues to refrain from visitors.  Also please no flowers or plants as they are not allowed in the home.  We apologize for the delay in responding to your many texts, emails and calls – we greatly appreciate your concern and interest – we will try to provide more frequent updates on this blog.  Thanks for your love and concern for Sandi and more importantly thank you for your prayers.

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Heading Home

Believe it or not, Sandi is being discharged from Emory Hospital this afternoon. Needless to say, she is very excited to be heading home. She has been progressing well over the past few days. As you might expect, she is still recovering so will need lots of rest. Probably best that she refrain from visitors for the next few days – afterwards, please call ahead to make sure she is stable and open to guests. Thanks for your prayers and support.

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